The fee in Aurora's kindergartens

The fee in our kindergartens

The fee follow the statutory requirements for maximum price.
This is from January 2021 Nkr 3 230,- per month.The fee for food in our kindergartens is at Regnbuen Nkr 550,-, Baldershage Nkr 400,- and Sluppen Nkr 400, - per month per child. This difference because Regnbuen and Baldershage have hired a chef to prepare the meals.

Expenses for trips and cultural experiences are included.

July is payment-free month. 

Information about reduced payment /discount

  1. Sibling discount - siblings who are registered at the same address.
    If older siblings have place in After school (SFO) at a private school you have to contact your private school to apply to Trondheim municipality to get sibling discount.
  2. Discount on economic grounds
  3. Discount deferred school start

More information about discount here:

 For discount on economic grounds you have to apply on a special form to Trondheim municipality, Childhood Office (Oppvekstkontoret). Link to the form and guidance you also find on the page referred to over here.

The sibling discount are recorded automatically and the kindergarten get information from Trondheim municipality about children who should have discount.